Calmness of Mind

“Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom. It is the result of long and patient effort in self-control. Its presence is an indication of ripened experience, and of a more than ordinary knowledge of the laws and operations of thought.” 
― James AllenAs a Man Thinketh

DSC06225 - Copy
photo by Grady

We all have so many thoughts churning inside of us. A kaleidoscope of thoughts.  Some chaotic, many questioning and perhaps a few just being hard to accept realizations. All fragments of ourselves within ourselves. All of them, undoubtedly, affect our internal balance.

Sometimes we have to find a quiet place within so as to make sense of the craziness without. A quiet place to restore our spiritual equilibrium.


In order to see birds it is necessary to become part of the silence ~ Robert Lynd

photo by Grady

To sit in silence. To sit motionless, in anticipation and appreciation of nature’s gift.
A symphony of birds and colorful feathers of every hue. We should not envy the birds their freedom. Instead, we should embrace their moments of soaring, and dipping
in the wind. Their rightful command of the sky.

Liquid Gold Sunset

photo by Grady

Magical moments as day becomes dusk and the lake turns into liquid gold.  When day-end dips into momentary quiet before reaching a crescendo of night sounds. A lone Great White Egret fishes for his dinner while Alligators lurk in swamp shallows.  Motionless, while waiting for prey.

Then, with a grand flourish, Night drops it’s black velvet cape.