Life’s Obstacles

Remember, that of all the elements that comprise a human being, the most important, the most essential, the one that will sustain, transcend, overcome and vanquish obstacles is Spirit ~ Buddy Ebsen

photo by Grady

Some see life’s obstacles as barriers. Negative energies put there purposely, by the Great Unknown, to stunt our mind, body and spirit’s growth. Perhaps we should rather see them as life’s rest stops. A time and place where we can refuel, build positive energy and think things through rationally.  A mindful way of approaching solutions.

Even the Bayou Teche in flood is seemingly gentle, overflowing barriers, as it slowly snakes it’s way towards the Gulf of Mexico.

7 thoughts on “Life’s Obstacles

  1. Rowena May 18, 2018 / 10:05 pm

    Hi Grady,
    From my experience, these difficulties might not only be rest stops, but are also times where we really need to dig deep and work our butts off to survive or get onto the first branch out of the flood waters. However, it’s these battles that help build resilience which makes us stronger and more resourceful when troubles come our way. As much as I hate and resist the heaviness of life, I don’t think humans were designed to take it easy.
    Best wishes,

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  2. Grady May 19, 2018 / 6:17 pm

    Thanks for your thoughts on this, Rowena! I really appreciate it!


  3. Abdul Gani June 9, 2018 / 8:20 pm

    today pains, suffering are fuel for what we ask in future


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