A Sun Bird, a Sunrise and a Sunset


Couldn’t resist sharing another blog.

Johnny Blackbird manages to capture perfectly, through the woven symbolic imagery of his beaded story hat bands, folklore which is normally passed down through generations by word of mouth. He has found a unique way of communicating stories told to him as a child with his distinctive designs and color choices. Here are two of his latest hat bands where he introduces the Sun Bird. With just a slight variation of colors, one depicts a sunrise and the other, a sunset.

Read more about Johnny’s Hat bands and, in particular, his blog about the Sun Bird –  Little Brother of Thunder 

Starting in the Middle


I have a friend, Johnny Blackbird,  who makes beaded story hat bands. They are beautiful in design and each has a unique story of spirit and journey.  He just recently posted a blog giving the meaning of the different designs and their placement on the hat bands. I found this so interesting as the choices we make and how we conduct ourselves sets the course with which we navigate our life journey. Johnny’s hat bands tell stories of spirit, energy and the path we travel.  A journey of courage, strength and dignity.

Aho Grady. The spirit animal while the focus of the hat band, my newer ones are all about the journey. The path we travel, the energy and how we all need good medicine in order to leave the illusion and touch the stars with balance, dignity and humility.

Here is the link to his latest Blog:  Starting in the Middle