Colliding Love

We are magic. We are moments. We are dreams and we are memories. We are everything. And in the depths we swim deeper to discover that we are not born whole so we cannot be broken. We are born in twos, and we are searching, searching for the other piece, that other person to guide us home ~ Robert M. Drake


Most of us are fortunate enough to come across a kindred spirit or two in our lifetime. But to collide with one’s other half, to become one again and to be conscious and aware of its happening… Pure Bliss.

Love Messages in a Shell

Spirit is everywhere.

I like to send messages of Love via a shell I keep next to my bed. I like to think that every time I whisper messages of Love into it, someone somewhere has picked up a shell, held it to their ear and heard the soft whispering of Universal Love through the sound of ocean waves…

Balance • Harmony • Love

photo by Grady
 “Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.” ― Barbara Marciniak

Love Colors

Drawing by Grady

When I was young, and in my teens, I would love to paint, draw and sketch. I loved playing with colors.

I picked up some colors the other day and without thinking, let the inner me draw the outer me. I know I absolutely radiate shades of gold, lavender, purple and magenta but I also know that I am a split spirit and radiate the colors of my other half… orange, red, yellow and gold.  Swirling colors of golden purple light, warm and loving energy that flows and dances towards my other half… orange, red, yellow and gold.

Love colors…